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Sausage salad on bed of lettuce

Ingredients for 2nd Servings

100 G Extra sausage
40 G Emmental
0.5 Pcs paprika
1 Pcs Spring onion
4th Pcs Cocktail tomatoes
0.5 Federation chives
10th Bl salad
0.5 TL salt
2nd EL Cranberry vinegar
2nd EL olive oil
1 Spr sweetener
1 prize pepper
grocery list


25 min. total time
25 min. Preparation time


  1. First cut the sausage and cheese into strips. Clean tomatoes, peppers and spring onions, cut into small pieces. Cut the washed chives into fine rings, then wash the lettuce leaves and tear them into pieces.
  2. Make a marinade from vinegar, oil, salt and sweetener, pull the lettuce leaves through the marinade and spread them on plates.
  3. Mix all other prepared ingredients with the marinade and spread on the lettuce leaves, sprinkle with pepper.

Recipe tips

Fresh pastries go well with this.

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